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Any Experience With Prolapse Issues Caused by Neurological issues??

Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue just got in a new Boston Terrier puppy named Nismo that has a prolapsed anus and leaks pee and poop continually. He came to the rescue so sore, that he cries whenever they wipe him clean and he has infections in his bum as well. Very sad case for a tiny 3 pound baby! He went to the vet for surgery today, but end up not getting it as the vet thinks his issues might be more neurological. According to them, Nismo should still be hunching over to poop and squatting to pee. Snce it appears to the foster mom that he goes without knowing and doesn't hunch over to go that it's a Neurological issue, and that it can't be fixed. They did not perform the prolapse surgery yet because of this and MWBTR is left scrambling for answers on what to do next and how to help. They are trying to get him into a specialist if they can, but are short the funds right now. I'm not with the rescue directly, but am helping with a fundraiser, but we are trying to find if anyone out there has any ideas or experiences with his issues or if anyone has ever heard of this before?? It's just heartbreaking. Here is his petfinder link. But he won't be available for adoption for a long time, if ever. If anyone has any experience with this, I can PM you the foster mom's info. She is desperate for information right now.
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