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Chris she may not have pm priviledges yet but if she does it's worth a msg for sure. Mommyof3loy2 I am sorry I have no real advice for you. I have never heard of valley fever. As for the head shaking episodes I have heard of a thing called Idiopathic Head Tremors (bobbing/shaking). If memory serves me it is not uncommon in boxers. So if you are talking to your vet you may want to ask about that. I have a lab X who experiences these periodically - it doesn't affect any part of her body other than her head and she looks like she's shaking her head from side to side saying no no no. They generally are very short in duration and fairly infrequent. For these tremors there is no identifiable cause, but I also don't believe if it is this that it would cause her to be aggressive. So I hope between Dr. Lee and your own vet you can get some resolve to these issues. Bless you for taking her in and saving her when her previous people would not.
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