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to Sugarcatmom

Thanks for, my vet has not mentioned stomatitis, but I expect that is what it is. When the problem first erupted, my cat was tested for both FIV and FeLV. In fact, he was tested twice and came up negative both times. This all started right after I adopted him from a local shelter when he was just 10 months old. He is now about 2.5 years old. He eats only hard food. He refuses any canned food, but he will briefly lap at it when I offer it. I feed him Hills brand food, and sometimes I have to mix his diet up with whatever dry food he will go for just to get some nutrients in his system. The vet initially suspected an immune disorder and that has been ruled out since no FIV/FeLV is evident. I've even tried a Venison diet which kitty liked, but still gets the inflammation. We tried the venison thinking that it was potentially a food allergy. Poor thing...he loses weight and once he gets his shot, his weight goes back up some. It is hard to see him starving for days at a time, but the vet warns that frequent injections could result in diabetes. I havel consider putting him to rest, but it is a last resort and only if removing his teeth doesn't help. I hope your kitty is doing ok...
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