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seems my post was lost-valley fever and head shakes

I have a 7 year old boxer who has vally fever. I took her in when her original owners were going to have her put to sleep just because they didn't want to take care of a sick animal. Anyway I have had her now for 5 years and all of those years shes been on fluconazole. She just went into the vet and her levels are incressing instead of decressing. I was told that she will never get over this. In the past year she has started having shaking in her head and not in any other parts of her body. Its really strange. I talked to the vet about this and she had never seen this before but her theroy is the valley fever is moving to her brain. Laila also has skin cancer. Im not sure if this could also have something to do with this. Laila also takes rimadyl for the pain in her joints as thats where the valley fever has settled. I also used to foster but as of now I have had to stop because laila is starting to become aggresive to new animals and strange people. She has never displayed this before she was always like the mama. I have inserted a picture of laila and one of our foster cats sleeping together last year on my profile. Is it possible that this is causing her to become aggressive? I would really be interested to hear from anyone that has ever seen this or who knows more about valley fever. In everything that I have read this was never brought up. And like Ive said prevously the vet said its just a theroy.
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