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Im so very pleased AND happy to be able to post that as of 6am this morning, Shai is now home! As usual I had a bad night and got up just before 6. I first looked out the patio and then out front to the courtyard and there he was on the table. He ran away when I opened the door but quickly returned hen I spoke his name. He approached me cautiously but in no time was rubbing against me. I picked him up and quickly brought him in all in tears of course. He is excrusiatingly thin and I made him up some pablum with baby beef broth(just happened to have it on hand from fostering some baby robins a few months ago). He ate and went right to his heating pad on my bed but wont let me leave him or my room. As I type, he is on my lap curled up sleeping..

Thank you to everyone for your moral support during this incredibly difficult time. I dont ever want to go thru it again and send my best wishes and Guardian Angels to everyone else that has a loved furchild missing.
During my 3 weeks of searching for him, I did come across a few websites that offered valuable information that I would like to share..
Personality clues-
This one is a MUST read with lots of links to determine what your cat may do-

Caron & Shai
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