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I've read the article about the one dog taking 5months to recover.
That's the thing, my vet seems to think it's no longer vestibular and
says she doesn't want this going on for months.

But you know what, I read in several forums, 'TRUST YOUR GUT', well my gut says it's not time to say goodbye...but then I wonder is it my gut talking or my heart.

Mandy began stumbling and the head tilt on June 14. A couple days later, the head tilt worsened and the rapid eye movements began.
I also noticed her right side of her mouth droops, apparent to this day when she eats and food falls out after eating.

Mandy seemed to get better 7 days later, and then 5 days after that got worse and the symptoms were worse than before.

There was a period 1.5 weeks ago where she refused to walk at all, we had to make a full body harness to get her outside.

Throughout the entire ordeal, her appetite, water consumption and bathroom breaks were never a problem. Actually she still eats like a horse today.

Today, 5 weeks later, her appetite and all the above are excellent. The tail wags wonderfully when we come home from work.

Two days ago, she started walking on her own once a day from the livingroom to the kitchen without any help. Once she reaches the kitchen, she's had it, and lays down.

I am now able to get her outside by myself (she's 92lbs), with her hind harness and me holding her collar. But I definitely have to wait until she's ready or it's a huge struggle.

In the mornings and when she's extremely tired her head sways from left to right. I have put her on gravol for the past week.

We go to the vet this Thurs. I REFUSE to put her to sleep..Im seeing progress, mind you it's not as fast as the vet wants to see, but it's progress...albeit slow, but i'll take it.

I have safe guarded my livingroom, and even have a video camera set up, running cable to my bedroom to watch her on a monitor at night. I was finding I was waking up all through the night to come downstairs to check up on her, only to find out she was fast asleep. This way, when I awake during the night, I just look at the monitor and ensure myself all is well.

I thank each and everyone of you for your kind words and advice. The pain is so great, and with not many other dog lovers in my life, I know they have no understanding of what Im going through.

Thank you one and all!
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