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Originally Posted by mattmdjj
The vet told me that when the feeling comes back that it does not itch or tingle (that was one of my first questions, because I was concerned about chewing from that perspective) and I have been wondering whether that's accurate or not. My vet is definitely inexperienced.
I think you have a vet who needs to learn a bit more before giving advice such as amputation! Amputation is ALWAYS a last resort.

I think your Charlie IS experiencing some sort of tingling/sensations. I have nerve damage to my left foot from a bad break many years back. While I can use the foot, it always has that "not quite awake" feel to it. Kind of tingly. Since nerves are the same in any species, I'd think that it's totally possible to have the same sensations in animals that people feel. Having said that, I'd think that if we get tingles when a limb wakes up, it would most likely feel the same way for the animal. They can't tell us what it feels like, so we have to rely on their actions. Chewing his foot makes me think he can feel something and can't quite make heads or tails of it.
I sure hope you find a vet who can do acupuncture. I think Charlie will get a great amount of help from it.

You're such a good dad to care so much. It's always nice to hear from caring parents! Keep us posted on Charlie's progress.
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