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Thanks Melinda Being blonde Brandi's face has had a red tint when I've caught her lying in it so there ya go and it's what 2 months since it's been put down?

The retail Manager in the garden supply dept was very helpful and knew his stuff. Said he even had a dog die from a certain flower in his garden :sad: He advised me to ask any vet for a list of of toxic stuff and said anything I've learned from the net could get tossed as their list is very thorough

Kandy I came to that very conclusion when surfing. I called my city as they do use the rubber mulch you mentioned in playgrounds and green space. However it's apparently not the same quality and their suppose to have it gov't tested prior. Want to mention that anything that's sold is gov't inspected even when ingredients isn't on product. It's said that some may contain toxic but not enough to kill anyone. That isn't to say however that it wouldn't ... just that it hasn't yet
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