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Rainbow daily poop updates lol but in all seriousness constant diarrhea is a nightmare, who would of known? Reading others that have gone through this somehow makes me feel better not a pleasant topic though

Breeze so happy to hear Bree ate her supper for the both of you!!!

Thanks guys I was afraid to post in fear of jinxing but so far it's been perfect I'm up'ing the kibble and adding less meat. She seems to really like the Senior Orijen and it appears to be aggreeing with her ... phew!!!!
Originally Posted by Rottielover View Post
GG. just out of curiosity, has she ever been tested for pancreatic issues, they have the same symptoms as IBD. When Harley had his blood work done, some of his levels were too low, others too high, so they assumed it was pancreatic insufficiency. after many more trips, we found out was/is IBD.
Not sure? She had a complete blood count, I'll assume if her pancreas was in trouble it would show high/low? I'm also assuming the UltraSound would should inflammation or at least obstruction which it didn't

With all the tests she has had the only thing that was questionable was the white cells found in her urine which we still dont have an answer for I plan to have her urine retested but at this point I'm scared to ask the vet any questions, it's cost over $1200 so far and no answer.

It's now firm and that's totally good enough for me
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