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At the same time Baily - I believe in desensitizing your dogs wherever there is problematic situations. As stated, a safe distance and with a muzzle. I truly believe in this as I have had my share of successes with this process with dogs and horses.
Sorry BenMax, you must've added this later, I didn't notice it when I read your comment. Or maybe I'm just getting old.

I agree wholeheartedly with desensitizing dogs to their triggers. But something I have seen over the course of working with particularly aggressive dogs, is that when the owners continue to introduce their dog to a certain situation over and over (because they believe that desenitizing will help) the problem effectivley worsens, simply because the dog is not learning anything being in that situation.

Not to mention that a lot of owners are already nervous, expecting a situation to play out, and doubting their dog; which is not a set-up for success.
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