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Opinion needed for long term glucosamine use for dogs

Hi everyone, I have a 7 year old yorkie that I put on glucosamine supplement recently due to joint problem. He is an active but overweight yorkie. On top of that he has to take potassium citrate to prevent the calcium oxalate stones from forming in his bladder. He had 2 surgeries done to have the oxalate stones removed from his bladder. Because of the recurring stone formation in his bladder, he has to be put on potassium citrate for the rest of his life. Plus he has to be on a special diet with low protein (Hills UD).

What I would like to know if it's OK to give him glucosamine for long term with his condition. Would there be any side effects to give glucosamine and potassium citrate together for long term? I tried to find as much information about the content of the glucosamine (I'm currently giving him Recovery SA) and it dosn't look like it has calcium content.

Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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