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The dog at the back is my other dog Duke and the front one is Jasper.They are playing in that pic. They both run and jump on each other all the time and never had an aggressive moment with them. I call them and they come running but when Jasper is focused on a child or small dog Jasper acts like I'm not even there so I have a whistle that I blow and that usually gets his attention. He is fine with big dogs he just doesn't like small dogs or kids. When Jasper sees a small child or small dog his hair goes up, tail tucks under, then the growling and pacing starts I know what the email said about their kitten but we have 2 cats and Jasper has never touched them except give them a very wet lick when walking by but I still keep my eyes and ears open. I have spoken to a retired trainer/behavoirist that is willing to help me but he travels all summer so I have to wait until the end of August.
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