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Originally Posted by Luvmypitgirls View Post
AG, your pages are beautiful!
I love that "you leave me speechless pic".
I just wanted to ask what stud thingys are you talking about to expand your book?
I just want to make sure my kit has some too before I get started.
Thanks! I really loved making this book.

Yes, I don't know their name exactly, but it's the things that allow you to expand the book. Since I have the little embellishments the book doesn't close flat, so I want to get some that are a little longer, just so it's not so tight.

I could probably just get some longer stud thingies and add more pages, but I'd like to leave this one as is, just as their first book. I'm so happy I decided to do this. I'll have these memories of them, when I no longer have them with me physically.:sad:
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