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Hypathetical question.

I do not know if this should be in training, or health. In my case with Harley it is mental health.
What would you do if your dog bit a child. Let's make it clear Harley has not yet!!! I say yet because his reaction around strange kids is getting worse. If the bite occurred and was not a child's fault at all but the insecurity of your dog mixed in with high prey drive, how would you handle it. Every time a child cries or is playing, or even riding a bike, you can see the anxiety and stress level grow. I am getting to the point of a basket muzzle outside at all times, but this does not help what is causing the issue.
Kayla is safe, he is confident and secure with her because she is above him in the pack.
What would you do if your dog bit a child.

I am trying to stop the possible chance, I need to take precautions, Kayla can not even have friends over because of his reactions. I tried putting him a rom, all you can hear is the pacing in the crate, and the panting.

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