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You may be right about my vet not giving up. I may have read the look in her eyes wrong, perhaps she was sad cuz it would be out of her hands. I just took it as, she was discouraged cuz I wasn't prepared to give up so easily.

The discharge out of her nose is just watery, it's not thick or anything, just like her eyes water, so does her nose.

I'm watching her ear now that she's on apo-amoxi (we've changed meds), and since Thursday the redness is less. I gently wipe out the outter ear as there's alot of wax and buildup comin out, but I dont dare go any deeper at this point.

I just pray that her dizziness will stop so that she can walk on her own again.
My goal is to have her walking into the vet on Thurs...let's keep our fingers crossed!

Thanks for the advice and the talks!
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