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Thank you for your input

The way my vet talked, that I would have to send her to the vet college to have the swab done. Does she need to be under anesthesia for that?
I just didn't understand why she couldn't just take a swab there at the office, but I suppose if it's deep down she can't reach it.

She just had 2 good days and now today is bad again. Her dizziness is back, so she's on gravol now. (it's canadian, so im finding out, for travel sickness, over the counter).

I have noticed a runny nose now and then and a sneeze also once in awhile along with her eyes will water on occasion. (I feared the watery eyes were her crying from being sad and sick, poor dear). Although these aren't very frequent.

Like you, if I startle her or if she's had a hard time walking and it tires her, her rapid eye movements return a little, and if i lay her on her good side, the eye movements are there.

Anyway, I will take it one day at a time, but my vet seems to be giving up on us. She said that if this apo-amoxi she is on now doesn't clear up the ear by this Thursday, she is giving me only two options...1. I send her to the vet college by referral, or 2. to have her put down.

With her dizziness she is havin a hard time walking. She's eating,drinking, goin to the bathroom and waggin her tail....I don't understand the reasoning behind the second option. She said she don't want to see this go on for months...but what if it is something that maybe months is what it needs to take??? I have the patience to help her walk, drink the water and go to the bathroom (she's 92lbs and yes requires some help from my hubby too), so why don't she have the patience to help us through this????

Sorry, a little frustrated here, and don't plan on giving up on her so you, this is the first dog I've shared such a long part of my life with as I've had her since she was 6 weeks old, she turns 14 on Feb.14, 2010...I would love to be able to have her celebrate that golden birthday!

Thanks for listening and the hugs for my Mandy...she loves them!
Best wishes for your pooch too!

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