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I'll take the hugs and pass them to Mandy!

Thank you so much for the hugs!
I sure could use them right now.

As written in my email to you (which I just sent):

"I went to the vet again today. She said considering the rapid eye movements have ceased and the head tilt is only on and off she's thinking it's not vestibular anymore but could be an inner ear infection, brain tumor or blood clot.

She examined her ear and realized how inflammed it was and also the amount of gunk in it and said we'll treat it as that for this week.
She put her back on apo-amoxi instead of her cephalexin.

Anyway, she said if it's not cleared up in a week we are left with only two choices.

1. We could get her referred to the vet college and have her ear swabbed to find out what type of infection it is, and/or have an MRI or CT scan done.

2. She said if I choose not to go the college route then its not fair to let her go on like this and put her down as her quality of life is not what it should be.

Basically she made it sound like if the infection don't clear up this week, she doesn't want to deal with us anymore as I'm prolonging the inevitable. Either get her ear swabbed, find out the reasoning, or put her to sleep. Sheesh I really really don't want to put my dog down cuz she has a major ear infection!!

She also gave me a script for Bonamine (meclizine). Well I went to the pharmacy to have it filled and they told me they discontinued this drug in canada over a year ago! Sheeesh!!! So the pharmacist suggested giving her a gravol for the night and call the vet tomorrow to tell her about the discontinuation."

So here I am now, starting her on the new antibiotics and going to pray so hard that this works.
I know her ear is infected, you can see it and smell it!

Gosh I love her, she's been in my life for 13 years and even though I know one day I must say goodbye, I am far from ready!!!!

Thanks for the reply and the hug...I wish you the best for your pooch!

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