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Originally Posted by amaya View Post
By drowning. YES. It's either that or shooting them around here.
You make it sound like it is legal to drown or shoot an animal. Drowning is illegal and depending on the circumstances of shooting an animal/how it is shot/left injured, etc, it could also be illegal as well. Do you know have a Humane Society in the area. I know if you live up north, there are HS that cover HUGE areas. I know a girl who works for a HS up north and her area, it can take her up too 3 hours driving time just to get to a call. Yes, it is limited resources, but you have resources. Or how about calling the police department.

Originally Posted by andalusian View Post
If there's any advice out there. I might have to get the mother and a kitten at a time. I'm just worried about the consequences to the kittens who are not caught with the mother, if they're sick, etc...One more point, I haven't found A THING on capturing a family. Obviously you can't use a trap, and there's nothing out there about what to do if you get the mother and not all of the babies. I'm just "praying" that they will eventually come out, looking for food, and that they're feeling better. Also, soooo worried about the song birds with all the stray cats around here. I try not to let mine out (a couple of our kitties are from the litter we captured last year).
I would try to confine the kittens first, then mom. The kittens will not survive out by themsleves, for it is the mom who teaches them how to hunt, and overall survive. What we do at work is if we have a mom and kittens, we always try to get mom and babies at the same time, however that doesn't always happen. What we do is confine the kittens, put them into a cage and place the cage behind a live humane trap.

More so then not, the mom will go into the trap trying to get to her babies. Now when live trapping it has to be monitiored every half hour-hour. We do this methored for a few hours, 2-3 hours. If the mom has not been caught in the trap during this time, we bring the kittens to the shelter, and then try to catch mom the next day. Usually mom will only come around another 2 days after to find her babies...then usually doesn't come back.

But the kittens should be your first prioity. Mom can always be caught later.


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