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I wisdh I had some good news to share but sadly he still is not home. The other cats are starting to take over his 'spots' and that is bothersome. I keep calling in case he is within earshout searching is almost pointless. We are surrounded by fields-corn, grain, hay....much too high to see more then a few feet in from the road. The woods are thick with underbrush and SO many spots that he could easily be hiding in, I dont get far. I put notices in everyones mailbox and visited doors within a few kilometers of us-on both sides of the river so chances are he is not at anyones home. That is if they are honest and would return him. But I will not give hope on him. My fear is still the wildlife he no doubt is encountering out there and I hope he has his smarts about him.
Yes, Mood, that is the book indeed. The first edition had a different cat on the cover but when they released the new edition, they approached me on using that image of Shai. It apparently has been helping with the sale of the book.. The weather has been ok here but the nights unseasonably cool. Knowing he likes his heating pad, I had hoped the cooling nights would bring him home...
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