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The reason you might be having difficulty finding resources for this is because the diagnosis is not really defined. Pyoderma or pyodermas is a polygenic skin disease, which simply means your dog has a disorder that causes a skin problem that produces pus (infection).

What is necessary now is to find out what kind of pyoderma your dog has. It can be bacterial, it can be immuno-related or it can be parasitic (like mange or lice).

Often time, reoccurring pyodermas are a result of a suppressed immune system and are actually secondary indicators of a different problem - like an autoimmune disorder or allergies.

Basset hounds in particular, I believe, are prone to something called Malassezia dermatitis (spelling may be incorrect) and if I remember correctly, it's often present with other immuno-issues like hypothyroidism, diabetes, endocrine problems etc.

The best advice I can give you is to ask your vet for a referral to a canine dermatologist (yes they exist, and no, they don't mainly do skin peels for a deeper looking tan!) to examine the problem in more detail. Barring that, a complete blood panel and endocrine panel would be a good idea, to make sure your dog is not immuno-compromised in some way which could be contributing to the lack of healing of the pyodermic problem.

Good luck.

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