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Lost Cat in Lasalle

Hello everyone,

I lost my cat, Princess, around July 3rd. She was last seen on Harrigan street in Lasalle. We've put posters up, maybe someone has seen them... We've been looking day and night on the streets for her but we cannot find her.

She is a 10 year-old small female calico, fixed, with all of her claws. She has a white stripe down her nose and a little black "mustache" on her chin. Her tummy is white with little black spots.

She is an indoors cat, and is really not used to wandering outside. She's very timid and shy, but she's very kind.

I've attached a few pictures:

Please contact Linda, Julie or Percy at (514) 366-0912 or (514) 473-8350 if you have any information. We love her dearly and miss her.

Thank you very much.
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