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Previcox taken when on this ok?

My poor lil 14 yr old lab has come down with what we believe to be Vestibular Syndrome.

Anyway, she was on previcox before all of this.
I've taken her to a vet, who said to stop taking the previcox while on the antibiotics (cephalexin).
I then went to my regular vet (as she was closed the days I needed her when the VS all began)..and she said to put her back on the previcox.

Well, when we stopped the previcox the first time..the VS symptoms started to go away, but feeling I should listen to my own vet, we put her back on the previcox and within a day she resorted back (if not worse) to her symptoms once again.

Anyway, I stopped the previcox and she's got about another 2 wks worth of cephalexin to go....what's your opinion of being on antibiotics while taking previcox?

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