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Unhappy Destructive Behaviour

Advice please!

Dog who seems to enjoy chewing holes in walls.

It seems when Canem (or Josie, we haven't really caught them at it so can't identify the culprit) is nervous or annoyed with us, he will start to chew the window mouldings and even the walls themselves.

We can go for weeks with no damage and then within the space of two days it starts again. then stops. Of course never when we are around so that we can scold them at the time it occurs, always whilst we are out (and sometimes for less than 10 minutes). By this time they seem to have forgotton who did what and there is no evidence of who was at fault.

We do scold both dogs, however are concerned that scolding the one dog that is not at fault will perhaps do more damage than help.

Any advice please, suggestions - and yes I have considered giving up work!!!!
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