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Originally Posted by lilith_rizel
Well, I have found out bit so far, by online search. I have found out that this Alan Gohman lives in St. Cloud MN. About 70 miles from my home town. And another search wil send me info when they find any on him. Does anyone know of a great site, that I could find out info right away? I know there used to be one that would give the parents name of the person you were searching for, as well. But I don't think they do that anymore.
If you can go back to the beginnings of this the "baby steps" so to speak..(pun intended) you will see the help I got locating a girl & good friend now, that I saw only once before...Cloe and I are in constant contact now because of this board.

There are tools out there to help you find anyone....but friends will network for you and accomplish even more and faster!

I've got to get back to pacing the floor now.
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