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Welcome to the board, PerkyPooch. I'm sorry it's under such difficult circumstances.

Your very first step should be a trip to the vet--and if the bleeding doesn't stop by tomorrow, or if she's had a significant loss of blood, a trip to the emergency vet is in order. A cool compress on the nose might help to stop the bleeding if she'll stand still for it.

The symptoms could be anything from infection to cancer to just bruising from head trauma. Is it possible she was running and hit a tree (don't laugh! I've seen dogs get so involved in play that they don't look where they're going )? But no matter what it is, it's imperative that you get her to a vet asap. The sooner you find out what's wrong, the better the prognosis.

for your girl, PerkyPooch. Please keep us posted on what your vet says. And hang in there
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