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Well we spoke to the owner of the corn fields last evening and he says that they have not seen Shai. They got the flyer and kept a look out. good news is their Bouvier will not kill a cat so my nightmares that Shai had a run in with their dog can be laid to rest. He says the strays congregate down in the gullies and that they make their way out of there in the fall. Well , thats a bit hopeful I guess. At least its some idea of where he can be. Today we are under severe thunderstorm watches so not venturing back in there now but we will hike back in when we can. These gullies have 'walls' for sides so walking on them wet in out of the question...
The other day I was uploading some images of the crew especially Shai and came across an image of him that to me was so ironic. Last year I think it was, Shai is on the cover of a book entitled 'Houdini' by TJ Banks..a book about a flamepoint siamese that gets lost. It is about his adventures on trying to find his way back home to the girl that loves him....The picture they used was one I took of him sleeping in my studio window..its in my album
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