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ok, will try and answer a few Q's. She is a 12.5+ yr old mixed breed, combo of (I think) lhasa apso, poodle, and maybe a little terrier mixed in. She's about 13lbs right now, having gone down a few in recent years. Has a thyroid condition which affected her skin until treated a few years back, and potential for crystals in her urine if not on low protein diet (no problems in this regard in recent years).

she tends to be dry any way, but she got a lot of bad bug bites several weeks back, which got a little infected, as she wouldn't leave them alone. It was her belly first, and then some on her back. Hence the meds, and the medicated bath combo. There's been no changes to her diet.

last time i bathed her, i did not leave the plug in, and used a litle pail to douse her back end anyway. I always go into the bathing with a positive outlook, because I seem to think that THIS time, she'll come around, and that LAST time was just a thing. It's by the end of the bath that it turns into the nightmare.

She's a bit of a nervous pooch anyway, hates the car, etc. I have no means to bathe her outside. And I know this will sound like an excuse, but it's too hot to walk her during normal hours right now, she's older and black, and soaks up the sun and just gets too pooped. She's never really liked baths, but tolerated them. Only in recent years has she launched into the whole "evacuate!! evacuate!!!" mode.

perhaps she's just getting old and crotchety.
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