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Thats ok, no need to appologize..I am on edge myself and filled with guilt. The fact is if it werent for me opening the silly door in the first place, Shai would be on heating pad on my bed as I type and THAT is something I am having a great deal of difficulty with. He still is not home and no sign. I was so filled with a new hope when the neighbor said he has spotted him a week ago because that would have been when he disappeared. He had not been out and certainly not out of our sight prior to that. What fears me is when we searched the edge of the corn field, there were dog tracks along with deer and we were not sure of the other tracks. Either it was a cat perhaps running as the pads looks spread and you could see nail marks in the sand or it was a skunk?..not a coon. We did find a grey hairball on these tracks...which could be if it was him, perhaps eating rodents. Needless to say, it was large dog tracks I did not like. This corn field belongs to the NEXT neighbour and he has a large Bouvier. IF the Bouvier came across Shai...I dont know what the outcome would be. We have 2 dogs that are part Bouvier/Lab and Shai has never liked them but I have noticed when outside, he talks to them and rubs on them. Inside he hisses if they come near him. What his reaction would be with a strange dog outside I dont know. I am hoping it would be to flee. I am thinking that because it was close to dusk when he ventured that perhaps it was the new experience of fireflies that may have kept him away? And then if they got into that corn field, he could have followed the rows...trying to figure out how he would have thought. He is an inquisitive kitty...
I know what you mean about the food. The last thing I want to do is be attracting the coons especially. The first night my own dogs ran around to the terrace and ate it up before we knew it. Now I only have a few kibbles in the dish on the table but so far they have not been touched. I just make sure I keep calling his name and if he has lost his way, perhaps he will hear it and it will help guide him back...Thanks for the thoughts and support. I appreciate it..
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