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Put out his litter pan last night + his favourite blanket off my bed+ my clothes+area rug his buddy Khepera lies on as well as his dish with food in it. Got neighbour north of us to answer door finally last night. He spotted Shai a week ago on edge of his property and woods so we now know which direction to look. This is good.
Shai IS an indoor cat. He is only in the 'yard' WITH us watching him. When he wanders down to the river, we can SEE him & watch closely+ follow and he never ventures far from us. He talks to us the whole time. When I want him to come back up to the house, I call him, he answers and races me back. They are not allowed to come and go as they please for this very reason-too many hazards. Unfortunately the dogs have sliced holes in the screen of the terrace doors & thats how he got out. We had a torrential rain and I honestly thought opening the door was safe-no one would venture out in that. I was soaked from working in the rain, was making dinner and opened the door for a breeze. I saw Shai in the kitchen and never gave it a thought as I was right beside the door. What cat likes the rain or goes in it if they dont have to? I finished dinner and no longer was watching the door- forgot it was open. It has been opened before in these same conditions and no one ventures out. My mistake was I forgot about it & the rain had stopped. It was when I heard the barn swallows out front by the barn yelling and knew a cat was there. It was another kitty Shu. I picked him up, brought him in and closed the door. I entered my room and Shai was not on my bed where he ALWAYS is. That was an hour later after the door had been opened. I have contacted my municipal office, there is no AC out here for cats BUT I have contacted the dog pounds anyway in case they get a call. None around here take in cats. We drive the entire area daily for miles and he is not on any road. We walked the woods edge and corn fields last night behind the neighbour and will do so again tonight as well as hit the next neighbour(who owns the corn fields)
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