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here is whats gong on over there

1 land is being developed
2 its on a college campus
4 the students aand staff will feed and report stray dogs and cats

because of pressure from land development, a lot of animals have been on campus peartaking of the student bidies trash and generosity

Because if this and the fact that the foxes have been raised aorund hunmans {remember this is more or less an urban eviornmentand no real forests to hide in } the fox deer rabbits etc have lost a lot of thier fear of humans

the fox es are pretty much JRs' and are appear vey healthy. There have been no reports of rabies in the area

This is what happens in an urban enviornment when the population pressure gets high we have herds of deer you can hand feed

we have wild turkeys that exhibt very little fear

Again I am not advocating raising or taking in wild animals/ I am conflicted enough about messing about in the stay cats samsarra as it is
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