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LOST/ MISSING Flame Point Siamese Cat

Shai disappeared from our property on the evening of Sunday June 28, 2009. He has been an indoor cat for his 9 years until this year we began letting the cats outside WITH us. We live on 3 acres surrounding by the river, woods and ravines in Bayham County Ontario bordering the counties of Oxford and Malahide. The dogs had put a hole in the screen of the back door and after a heavy rain, I opened the door thinking the cats wouldnt go out in the rain. A few hours later, Shai could not be found. He does explore our property but always remains on it and comes when called. This time he did not. We have put flyers in everyones mailbox within a 2 'country' block radius of us, up at the community mailboxes in 2 adjoining towns of Richmond and Straffordville, grocery stores, gas stations, pizza shops, pet food stores, vets in Aylmer + Tillsonburg, Cranberry Kennels and on 2 radio stations. I also have an ad running on Kijiji, Twitter, petfinder and now here. I dont know where else to look. He had a pink leather collar on with bells and a red rabies tag. His name and phone number is scratched in the back. He may not have the collar on now. He has been recently diagnosed with slight crystals and is on meds and special food. He is my baby and I am very distraught over his disappearance. Any other advice on where to look for him or post, please advise. I desperately want him home. We have walked/searched the farm fields around us that we can(corn fields and such are futile), the woods and ravines behind us and informed a local camp that canoes the river. I call for him constantly and have his favourite blanket and food outside. If you see him or heard of a siting, we would appreciate knowing. We really dont have any idea which way he could have headed from here.
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