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Foxes are rabie vector animals. I wouldn't be getting to close to them, and I work closely with widlife on a daily basis.

Here is a quote that I love.

'Those who wish to pet and baby wildlife love them. But those who respect their natures and wish them to live normal lives, love them more'.

Wildlife don't understand and their number one thinking when seeing us that we are trying to eat/kill them. They are not pets, should not be petted, kept as pet or treated like a domestic animal.

By doing this, people are just giving it a deathwish. It is wild, it knows how to survive. If sick or injured, you call your local animal control.

Feeding birds, squirrels are one thing. But getting friendly with animals that are rabie carriers draws the line. Respect and love wildlife from a far. Only intervene when it is nessacary. Sick/injured.


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