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seizure in young dog

Probably posting in the wrong place; I'm new here. Sorry. Your post touched me & prompted me to write about our dear doggie:
Our seemingly young,healthy 4 yr old schipperke dog suddenly awoke from his sleep convulsing, stiffening up, shaking violently, foaming at his mouth, and acting vicious when handled to calm him down. When we were finally able to secure him, we headed over to the emergency vet for the first time. In between our own panic and getting lost, we noticed he had completely calmed down. We decided to take him home for observation. He's drinking excessively and has urinated on the floor twice. He appears better, but still not quite himself. He had got ahold of a toothpick and chewed it, so we were wondering if it could've caused the seizure? We're at our wits end! We will take him to the vet for a checkup asap. In the meantime, is there any information and/or advice any good reader could share w/us. The incident has been traumatic for him as well as us, and we're just so scared for him. He's still young so how could this have happened so suddenly? HELP!!!!
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