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I have to agree with the others on, this woman was just plain rude to you. It amazes me how many uneducated people there are out there. Now my two are huge attention hounds, but Qman is man timid. We just figure it's because he's not exposed to alot of men in our home. I deliberately took him to Woofstock to try and get him more used to men. I was thoroughly amazed at the amount of people that would just reach out to touch him in the crowd or walk up behind Grace to give Bailey kisses( He was being carried). These people don't know my dog or how he's going to react to this behavior. If a person asks can i pat your dog, or they start talking to them but don't approach, then fine i'll let the puppers meet them. But anyone who just rushes up to them, noooope. And seriously why do people think its ok to just walk up to a dog and start thumping it on the head. You wouldn't just walk up to a human and touch them without an introduction.
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