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OMG, my dog is fearful of humans.. And people even come to my car and stick there hand in the half open window and start petting her. I get pissed off, obviously. Because when they go to remove there hand, She barks, growls and lunges at it. I dunno why, she just does, and then they tell me my dog is vicous, or a typical yappy yorkie People always just assume its okay. Kids are always running up to her (If somebody runs/joogs next to us she WILL bark, growl and lunge at there feet) And when she makes a m,ove towards them, they run off crying and i get an angry mother coming to speak to me. Then i tend to get angry and scold them about there rudness and there childrens rudness.

I was at the playground the other day, watching my little cousin (And also getting keely some socialization) And 1 Lady came over to me with her nephew. She said, "dont touch the doggy, you dont know her and you dont know if it is alright" She asked if it was alright and I told her yes. So we speant a good 20 minutes letting him play with keely and i was chatting with the lady. I thanked her many times for asking first, and explained what ussually happens and the issues im trying to work my dog through. And she understood completely. She was my kind of people! lol.. The little boy was a sweetheart!
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