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I do not mind at all, in fact my little dog is downright OFFENDED is ANYONE passes by without loving him up and telling him how cute he is. If someone walks by him he stops dead and watches the person with a sad face, then starts to follow them, because they must have forgot! He doesn't understand, he LOVES everyone!!

When I am out alone with my lab, and I have a halti on people wont go near her and pull their kids away like I have some vicous attack animal. I took her to dairy queen once and a man asked my why I put a muzzle on her.. I said it is not a muzzle, it is used like a halter on a horse so I can have more control, because if she goes after a dog she is stronger than me, and will pull me whereever she wants to go, I need to be safe, I am like 105lbs soaking wet, so I need all the help I can get.
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