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No I don't - I just tell them my dog is in training. The American Eskimo is a funny breed and they don't like everybody - and they have very big teeth and claws - and with their Collie shaped faces, the teeth are too apt to touch someone's hand - be it a child's or an adult's - not about to happen. Yet when we are at the vet's or the groomer's - no problem - a different environment. We live in a very litigious society and I am not about to take a chance with a kid or an adult pulling my dog's ear etc. The guy next door is 50 and puts his fingers in his ears and sings "na na nanana" - and also has jumped over the fence at midnight when we are out - so my dog is not overly fond of some of our neighbours. Yet when our Eskie is laughing and enjoying himself he would appear to be extremely sociable - and he is with certain people - us and people he trusts. And surprisingly is an absolute angel when home boarded - we just got back from vacation -and he was apparently a delight with excellent manners???!!!
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