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If i am just out walking my girl alone then I have no problem picking her up and letting kids or adults pet her she usually licks their hand off. Some times when I am out with both of them I will try to get them to pet her so he can see that it is ok and if he gets excited I will let him be pet. But if kids just run up on them and try to pick them up before i even get a chance to tell them no and I can see him get scared and want to run I just cringe. (He was in a home and was abused by kids) I have had my girl since she was 8 weeks old. I got my male when he was just over a year old and has only had him for 5 months. They are both really good with children providing the situation. i have a 6 year old and an 18 month old and every morning my male wakes my baby up with big kisses and some nights will even curl up in his toddler bed with him. He is great is situations he is comfortable in. I usually try to walk them later on in the evening when most kids are inside. I was just suprised by the ladys comment.
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