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Awww, thanks MommaKat! lol that just made my day.

Thanks, everyone. Mastifflover, if I can't find a rescue then I will definitely check out TAS South - I thought of THS, but when I heard they were throwing out donated beds, blankets, etc., I was, no.

Winston, I did think of a local Pug rescue. The only reason I don't want to split it all up is because I feel like if I am only donating one or two items, the rescue may feel I am just dumping off an old toy or something. I tried a Guelph rescue that rescues dogs of all breeds as well as cats - then I was certain all the items would be useful. But like I said, no luck :sad:

Looks like Toronto Animal Services might be a good bet. Do they use toys? I just thought I would check first if there was anyone in rescue on here who could use it - you guys get first dibs!
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