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Offering: Donations! (Toronto, ON) long post

So over the last year we have accumulated some pet stuff that has either not been used, or barely used (they grow up so fast!). I had the intention of donating it all to a rescue located just outside the city, so I collected a few more toys from some friends. Unfortunately, the rescue and I just can NOT seem to coordinate a time to drop off/pick up the items. I also have not heard back from them in quite a while (2 months), so I've decided to post the items here and see if there are any other local rescues interested. OR if you know of a local rescue that could use these items (I know not all rescues could, since the dog items are quite small), please let me know! It would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a description of the items, followed by a photo:

1. Sisal and carpet cat scratching post (never used)
2. Black tough rubber "Chewber" frisbee (never used)
3. Small blue dog harness by Aspen Pet, adjusts from 8" to 14" (never used - still have packaging!)
4. Multicoloured rubber links ball (never used)
5. Medium red rubber Kong (gently used)
6. Nylabone bone/ball combo (bone ends show obvious signs of chewing)
7. Small light blue plaid nylon dog collar with plastic snap closure, adjusts from 11" to 16", about 1/2" wide (gently used)
8. Small red cat collar with buckle closure, about 12" long (gently used)
9. Small red leash, 1/2" wide, 4' long (gently used)
10. Stuffed lips dog toy (gently used)
11. Stuffed ball dog toy, with 6 removable velcro "wedges" (gently used)
12. Hard white rubber "Cuz" dog toy (gently used)

Not shown in photo:
13. Turquoise and white high-sided plastic sifting litter box (barely used!)
14. Brown plastic pet carrier, for small dogs and cats - similar to the one seen in second photo (used, with signs of wear and tear - one of the plastic "bolts" that holds the top and bottom together is missing, so in its current condition this carrier could only be used for restraining pets in a vehicle and carrying very short distances; my boyfriend is planning to screw in a new bolt and then it should be good for carrying)

Please keep in mind I am not necessarily looking to give these items away to typical pet owners - I would really prefer to donate them to a rescue that could use them. I could split them up into cat/dog items if needed, as I know there are few rescues which work with both cats and dogs - I already tried one of the few I know!
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