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Haha, yes Aslan, English is not my mom's first language! My whole family is Polish. It's funny, because if they hadn't been taking care of Milo that weekend, and you hadn't seen Milo & Autumn together, you probably would have thought it was just another Sibe! You happened to be in the right place at the right time! So you were making a Timmy's run, eh? Whadja get, a double-double?? Mmmm, those are my fav!

Yeah, Autumn is getting a LEETLE more ornery in her old age. She's always been a little picky about who she likes, and when - not sure what her life was like before we got her, but we know for sure the male owner abused her, and she seemed very poorly socialized. We've done our best but probably didn't take on the best dog for our first rescue...either way, I love her to pieces and I will always remember her very fondly as my first dog. WOW sorry that got really and kind of emotional! What can I's that time of the month (sorry, TMI!).
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