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Originally Posted by mollywog View Post
Growler- I didn't realize you live on SSI!? I have a friend who grew up in Duncan and now lives in Chemanius, beautiful country out there!
Mollywog I don't live on SSI, infact I haven't even visited there yet I used to work painting for a friend who used to live on SSI and I like the colours on the flag.

Molly is adorable in her bandana

Originally Posted by ancientgirl View Post
Growler, that first photo of Duffy is the best and clearest photo I think I've seen of her. she looks great.
Thanks, that was taken a couple of years ago just after her & I moved into this apt. Natural light is the best for Tortie colours

Tacogrl yup definately not happy but so very cute

Chase Mom Adorable I've always loved Kailey's colours
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