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Originally Posted by Golden Girls View Post
Kandy yes her stools were checked by the vet then sent to another laboratory for further testing ... it all came back negative. Since stopping the rice she seems much better, not as round and more energy.

Cooperbelle thanks she hasn't been tested again for Gardia but I will once the meds are done if she's not better. I don't want to give her the Hills I/D ... maybe you didn't read the ingredients ... it's above Kandy posted it I've added a few kibbles of Sr Orijen last night so time will tell

Breeze I'm waiting for Brandi to give me the signal she needs to go

So you've started the Evo Red Meat ... how's Bree doing today? I read the ingredients

So I guess she's allergic to chicken fat? I chosed Orijen 1st and foremost no grains also it's a Canadian product and last they only use free range farms which thrilled me to no end. I'm planning to add maybe a handful to her home cooked soon.
waiting can suck, but I will keep my fingers crossed.

I'm not sure but it seems like it is, everytime she has had kibble with chicken fat it was always the same results. orijen fish was the only one that did not have chicken fat, now they are coming out with orijen red meat. ( I made a mistake and told LP that there was chicken fat in it and I reread the ingredents and it doesn't. sorry LP)
so that could be another option for me.

she did not eat very well this morning:sad::sad:
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