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Originally Posted by Golden Girls View Post

I'll give it a few days of home cooking (approx 80% is protein) & giving little portions instead of 2 meals it's back to picker'up'able but not firm enough to add kibble just yet. That'll be the next step if she could get there. Vet suggested to soak the kibble in hot water for ten minutes gradually adding more Maybe that would help Bree digest better?

I've reduced dramatically her outings to short walks only - ya the heat is unbearable esp when your sick, thank dawg for A/C

I hope we both can find out what's up with our girls
the vet suggested the water also, but I read where some kibble should not be soaked

if her poop is pick able then I probably would put a handful of the kibble in very small amounts. and give her a couple of meals a day this is what we did also
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