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This is just my opinion GG and not every dog is the same so what work for Bree might not work for Brandi.

Bree seems to be getting better but we are not out of the woods yet. There is no more blood so I can safely say, that she is out of crisis.

She is still on about 1/2 cup on hamburger, a little moist food (EVO beef) and about 1 cup of kibble ( also EVO red meat), what takes regular dogs to transition back to the kibble takes Bree much much longer.

Since she was eating the medium meat about 30% fat and protien we thought about getting a kibble that would be like giving raw.
( Bree won't eat raw, and I don't like cooking)
instead of taking 9 days to transitions I'm letting her poop tell me. which might take longer.. so far not bad.
She gets no other treats except for her breakfast and supper. ( even after I brush her) and fresh water. they told me to try bottled water but I wanted to try one thing at a time.

Bree is also taking L-Glutamine = to help repair her intestines
and digestive enzymes ( holistic solutions pinky label)to help with digestion.= we might switch her to a better digestive enzymes, when she gets back to normal.

I sure hope you can find out whats wrong with your girl.

if it was me I would probably go back to hamburger and rice or chicken and rice for three days ( we had to go back to the beginning) and diegestive enzymes, then try adding a handful of kibble which ever one you diside on and stay with that for three day and see how that goes. only one thing at a time. ( the heat doesn't help):sad:

like I metioned this is only my opinion, and don't forget Bree has not been well since the end of April

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