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Sorry I've been lax getting an update to you all. We've been through a couple of different things since last I posted. First was the Gabapentin which was prescribed by a neurosurgeon. That doped him out to a huge degree. Kids starting calling the meds his kitty downers which was kind of sad but a little funny.... In short, the Gabapentin did not work. So the neurosurgeon wanted to try treating Beckley for OCD. Yes! Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Apparently this doc had seen this problem with dogs and thought it might be applicable to our situation as well. The thought being that if the doc's attempts to do exploratory surgeory (and wrapping nerve with fatty tissue to cushion the pain) didn't work we would be looking at amputation. If you amputate a limb with a pet that is being driven by obsessive compulsive behavior, they'll likely transfer the compulsion to another limb and you're back in the same game. As of now we are 1 week into the OCD meds and he seems to be doing ok. We have the foot unbandaged but he is still wearing the collar. I give him VERY supervised grooming periods and he seems to just want to groom the toes endlessly. He does give me anxious moments when he tears at the toe nail to groom it but I've seen him do that same thing with his other paws so I'm hopeful. Will know more by next Friday. Hoping to take the collar off and test him...

Thank you all for your kindness and support.

Hugs, - Deb
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