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Growling 8 week old Rottweiler pup

My daughter's bf just got an 8 week old Rottweiler and the little fella is cute as a button! However, the beggar growls when he's resting, has a toy or is eating. When I went to visit and he growled at me, I held his muzzle looking him in the eye and I firmly told him "No!" and let him yelp a bit (I wasn't hurting him at all) and then I released him. He calmed down immediately and I rewarded him. He was nice to me after that. But now after reading all everyone's unique and reasonable-sounding advice, I feel I might have been wrong in my method. Is staring in a puppy's eyes wrong? My two dogs are very well behaved and I only had to use that sort of method a few times when they were the same age. Having said all that however, my daughter's bf is new to the doggy world and I wouldn't want to misguide him. I've already suggested he enrols the puppy in training course, which he has and the pup "Ruffles" will start at 3 mths old and he has already booked a first appointment at the vet.
However answers to my questions would so much be appreciated!
Great forum btw
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