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That one cat rescue send out cats with a voucher for $ off, are you saying they are not reputable
I wonder how many of those cats are having litters, which end up back in a rescue or shelter? More messes for others to clean up. What is the reason these people are not spay/neutering?

The Montreal SPCA adopts out all animals intact, and gives out vouchers which many people don't bother with.

NO reputable rescue adopts out ANY adult animal intact, period. If they do, they are NOT reputable. No one takes home any of our cats intact, ever!

The goal of rescue is to reduce the number of unwanted animals, and the only way to be sure an animal will not be bred is to spay/neuter first.

If people cannot do rescue the right way, they shouldn't do it at all. By adopting out intact animals, they are PART of the problem instead of the solution.