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I am so sorry to hear about Currie. Glad she's doing better though. I wished I had known about benadryl and that it works on animals too yesterday. My baby waffles ( 1yr. Chihuahua) was having anaphylactic shock about 10pm yesterday. He started throwing up, having diarrhea and stop breathing. I had no idea what had happen because I just barely came home from work. As a student nurse. First thing came to mind was cpr. It worked he started breathing again. Everything happened so fast that even I was in shock. I had no idea where there was a vet around since I just moved and didn't think he was going to make it if I started driving around. Of course as a student I was scared about the bill too but would do anything if I had to though. He started breathing on his own after about 2 minutes and gain conciousness again. I stayed up with him until 5 in the morning and he seem to be back to himself again. Still weak and scared but besides that he seem ok. Only one change is that he never urinate on my bed and after the situation he did it twice. He usually holds it until he goes outside in the yard. If anyone has any info on that. I would really appreciate it. I know I should take him to the vet though. ohhh!! forgot to mention I found a crawling bee under my living room table this morning. I almost sure he was stung and had a allergic reaction. But still cant find the stinger. Thank you for posting the information about the benadryl on animals.
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