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Originally Posted by Golden Girls View Post

Breeze IMD :sad: Would ultra-sound & x-rays verify this condition, just curious as that's the next step for Brandi if the diarrhea doesn't stop? What are you feeding now? I guess like Brandi you'd need a grain-free low carb with high animal protein right?

Kandy lol ya I think it would be a fair statement ... she's wiped clean and really she could be allergic to corn. I've read many are. I think the vets see the Hills work because the diarrhea stops but only because there is Beet Pulp = stool hardener in it. May as well give Ole Roy with Imodium and save yourself about $100 still just a bandage

nope ultra sound and/or x-rays will not show what we need, it will only show an obstruction, or mass the best would be a scope.
I need to find a low protien low fat no millet or chicken fat diet..
we were feeding "NOW" then the price went up could not real afford it and Archie and Bree was not realy eating it either so we switched to taste of the wild fish was doing not to bad but then she had a flaire up and will not go back to eating it .. so I am feeding hamburger and rice at the moment ( thats all she will eat) with some supplements until we can figure this out... it's not easy..

the second part of your statment made me laugh, thank you I needed to laugh..
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